OpenTable - "Stoked: 15 Restaurants for Delicious Fireside Dining in New England" (February 25, 2016)

 Burlington Restaurants

Chopps has a larger-than-life fireplace enclosed by glass in its Great Room, a communal setting with original art hanging on the walls and comfy nooks to create the perfect winter respite. Sip cocktails and savor apps like yellowfin tuna tartar, calamari and Maine lobster rolls.

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Metro Boston - "50 things to eat, drink and do for Super Bowl 50" (February 3, 2016)

Burlington’s Chopps American Bar and Grill’s Super Bowl Touchdown To-Go Package ($50) for four includes giant tater tots, edamame ‘guac, sliders and fresh shrimp cocktail.

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Boston Globe North – "Surprising Tastes at a Hotel Restaurant in Burlington"
(January 6, 2016)

 Burlington Restaurants

In the kitchen Executive chef Jeff Williams of Chopps American Grill at the Marriott in Burlington grew up in the restaurant business. His grandfather owned a restaurant in Philadelphia, and for Jeff, the family routine of gathering fresh ingredients from the garden and cooking them for customers became a passion that translated into a career.

A desire to travel led him to Baltimore for culinary school, then to London and California, and a year ago to Chopps.

Williams calls Chopps’s food “New American Cuisine,” a contemporary take on the classic American chophouse. With consulting executive chef Daniel Bruce, he created a menu featuring seasonal dishes using fresh local ingredients, like beef from River Rock Farm in Brimfield.

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Taste of Burlington (2015)

The Passionate Foodie - "Chopps American Bar and Grill: A Hotel Restaurant Not to Overlook" (September 22, 2015)

 Burlington Restaurants

A couple months ago, I mentioned that: "Burlington has become a suburban mecca for restaurants, and plenty of new spots have opened during the last few years, with more to come in the near future. Though you'll find plenty of chain restaurants there, you'll also find a number of independents as well,.." Another one of those independent spots I heartily recommend is CHOPPS American Bar and Grill, located in the Burlington Marriott.

Chopps has been open for less than two years, having replaced Summer Winter and an Irish bar. It is a medium-sized restaurant, with a function room and large bar/lounge. The bar/lounge is very comfortable, a great place to hang out with friends, and there is entertainment from Tuesday through Saturday nights. The dining area has three separate rooms, as well as a special Chef's Table area overlooking the open kitchen.

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Boston Globe - "Burlington Dining Goes Chic" (September 8, 2015)

 Burlington Restaurants

Within a few short blocks, diners can nibble on macaroons at a French-style bakery, sip craft cocktails mixed with private label rum, or gather a group for a suckling pig roast at $45 a head.

This isn’t the South End. It’s Burlington.

Over the past year, notable chefs and restaurateurs have traveled up the interstate to open establishments in Burlington. The new restaurants are slowly morphing a food scene ruled by Chick-fil-A and standard mall chains like Cheesecake Factory into an emerging culinary destination.

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Zagat - "The Most Smartphone Friendly Restaurants In Boston" (May 12, 2015)

 Communal Table at ChoppsIt sounds like a Lifetime movie of the week. "It Happened To Me: Stranded at a Restaurant With a Dead Smartphone." (Gasp! Sob!)

But seriously: whether you're trying to coordinate a meet-up with friends, field some important work emails between courses or just really, really bummed out that you're unable to Instagram your dinner, a depleted cell phone can be a sore inconvenience when you're eating out. Luckily, we've noticed that a few restaurants have been helping out, installing electric outlets and USB ports in a conscious effort to keep guests charged — and happy. If you need to make sure you stay connected, here are a few spots that are convenient go-to's.

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USA Today - "Lobster Roll Smackdown: Maine vs Massachusetts" (May 10, 2015)

 Photo of lobster rollsThe overwhelming majority of American lobsters are caught in the cold waters off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. The two states are the undisputed homes of the lobster roll, but who does it best?

Generations of lobster lovers have remained loyal to their favorite restaurant's take on this summertime favorite, which can be enjoyed throughout the region in every preparation and environment imaginable. Some of Boston and Portland, Maine's most stylish restaurants put a gourmet spin on the dish, while countless coastal seafood shacks and lobster pounds churn out thousands of traditional rolls annually. Creative chefs are putting their own unique spin on the classic New England treat by adding everything from fresh herbs and truffles to seaweed-infused butter. Light appetites stick to small, delicate lobster rolls, while those looking to indulge seek out eateries who overstuff their rolls; one Boston spot offers a monstrous roll packed with an incredible pound-and-a-half of lobster meat.

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Phantom Gourmet video feature (March 9, 2015)

Wicked Bites video feature (March 7, 2015)

Boston Globe - "Their Art Adorns Restaurant Walls" (February 25, 2015)

Artist Julianna Bruce at ChoppsDining is a feast for the senses, but the old saying about eating first “with the eyes” points out the importance of visual presentation. An intriguing restaurant space, framed with evocative lighting and art, informs a dining experience and, ideally, elevates it.

Some artists have come to appreciate that way of thinking, and find restaurants to be a sensuous environment in which to showcase their work. Diners can connect with a piece of art for an entire meal as opposed to a moment or two in a gallery or office lobby.

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The Chef's Plate video feature (November 2014)